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MessingAroundWith was founded to develop educational apps that encourage children to learn through play. Rather than delivering lesson material followed by practice questions, these apps give the child tools they can ‘mess around with’ in order to help them think through the process of how they solve a problem. Significant research suggests this leads to deeper understanding, particularly for mathematically based subjects. Apps will be available on iPad, Macbook and Windows platforms.

About The

Phil Moura

After 20 years developing applications for large banks, the founder retrained in order to research and develop education apps. This entailed reading for a Masters degree in Learning Technology at London’s Institute of Education followed by Game Design at London’s City University.

The initial prototype for the first app in the series, Time, was developed and reviewed with the help of teachers and pupils at schools in London and Suffolk. This helped ensure the app was relevant and engaging for the children that would use it.

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