Elapsed Time

This app contains two learning environments: Daily Activities and Elapsed Time. In both environments the app synchronises a changing background and daily events with a clock and a timeline to give a child the impression of time moving through the day.

Daily Activities: In this environment a child is presented with a number of daily events (breakfast, start school etc) from which they are invited to choose a start event and an end event. They then observe how elapsed time changes as the scene slowly transitions between their chosen events. The intention of this scene is to acquaint the child with the idea of elapsed time and how it relates to activities they’ll be very familiar with.

Elapsed Time: A child selects a start time and an end time and then observes how the elapsed time changes as they move a ‘current time’ button along a timeline. The technique presented in this scene is very similar to how the child is taught elapsed time in the classroom and so they can repeat the learning process at their own pace and without fear of making mistakes.

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